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Our Mission: "To assist our clients in developing the best possible Safety System to meet their needs".

Our Motto: "Honour Your Audience"!
Thus we always guarantee that if at the end of our training, an attendee feels that the training was a waste of their time, we will refund their tuition minus only expenses.


Updated: November 2, 2018

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Dirty Dozen posters (Maintenance, Flight Crew, Ground Crew, SMS, Mag 7), Safety Videos, Safety Decals and much, much more!


"Only I can change my life." ~ Anonymous

Volume 14, Issue 20 of Aviation HF News is now available

DOM ariticles- #29 & #30 - 7 Years a TSB Investigator Part IV and V

Dirty Dozen Thesis - Application of Dupont's Dirty Dozen Framework to Commercial Aviation Maitnenance Incidents
Blu Tack (Hanging your posters has never been so easy) and - Snap Frames - fit all 12 posters in one frame

Advanced Auditor Training - In conjuction with Mr. David Barnes (a 22 year vetran auditor) we will be developing an Advanced Auditor workshop. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of auditing from why accidents happen to producing a final report. Contact System Safety Services for more information.

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Human Performance in Maintenance and other workshops - Please email or phone 604 526-3993 for more dates and information.

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